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Great-tasting food -- or the absence of it -- can make or break a deal. At Urbana, we understand the importance of keeping decision makers in the room long enough to make your point and keeping your guests happy so you can enjoy your event. If the food is great, your guests will have a great time.​

To us, nothing as important as a delicious, well-presented meal and our staff works to insure your complete happiness and satisfaction.



Tuscan chicken skewers
Salmon croquettes
Balsamic beef sticks
Asian BBQ turkey meatballs
Zesty marinara meatballs
Wild mushroom pinwheels (v)
Mediterranean rice fritters (v)
Caprese salad sticks (v)
Mediterranean pasta salad cups (v)
Collard and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms (v)
Turkey burger sliders
Pulled BBQ chicken sliders
Shredded beef brisket sliders
Tuscan vegetable sliders (v)
Jalapeño chicken salad sliders 
Oven roasted potato skewers (v)
Hearts of palm mock crab cakes (v)
Micro Maryland crab cakes
Urbana chilled and spicy shrimp

Vidalia seared salmon
Fire roasted swordfish with caramelized tomatoes 
Stuffed Chilean sea bass
Herb roasted beef tenderloin
Twice rubbed pork loin
Asian BBQ chicken
Balsamic chicken
Gorgonzola mashed potatoes
4 cheese penne
Micro roasted red bliss potatoes 
Garlicky green beans
Cumin glazed carrots
Sautéed asparagus
Urbana vegetables (zucchini, squash, sweet peppers, eggplant)
Herbed pesto penne
Kale cranberry Caesar salad
Strawberry tomato salad
Yeast and wheat rolls


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